The Team

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Our Story

Our Story

Over many years we have researched competence: how hidden competences could be revealed, and how people make others notice their development interests.
Equally, we have looked into how an organisation can staff different tasks in a flexible way, with focus on “the right person at the right place”. This includes how competence journeys can be measured and visible. We dug deep to understand how organisational culture and context can affect both the individual and their way of performing tasks.

Aside from our two decades of experience in the business, we know that everyone has a talent; that people are committed if they are using their competence, or when there are possibilities to experiment and learn. All this resulted in: two doctorate theses, two books, a framework, several academic publications, and international conferences. But we couldn’t stop there. We wanted to make the results useful and available for all companies and organisations. In September 2019 we began our laborious and exciting journey to develop HEP Online, with Volos Informatica from Ivrea in Italy.

Alicia & Rolf


The Creators

HEP- online was created thanks to the collaboration of almost 200 passionate and dedicated people in Sweden. Each person agreed to partake in interviews, test our assessments, and participate in focus groups to provide feedback.

Alicia Medina

Company Director Hep-Online (FoO)

Rolf Medina

Director Research Solutions Hep-Online (FoO)

Emanuele Decet

Chief Technology Officer Volos

Roberto Ferro Garel

Business Architect Volos

Partners and Collaborators

A dynamic and collaborative solution requires a dynamic and collaborative home. That’s why HEP-online has partners and collaborators working together to create the best value for our customers.

Stefano Schiffini

Managing Director Volos

We Are Searching

Partner or Collaborator

Nina Jansdotter

Marketing Channels

We Are Searching

Partner or Collaborator

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