How It Works

HEP online has three different dashboards depending on user role. The first one, is the general user, called MP (motivated person).  Here, HEP users are motivated by giving them the opportunity to choose tasks and manage their own competence journey.

The second is the Leader dashboard, designed for the manager role, or if the organization is self-organized, Teal or sociocratic. There is also a particular type of leader, called the Competence Lead. This is a very useful role in a modern organization, where there are no formal managers. Instead, people are responsible for their own competence development.

Then the third user role is represented by HR, OD, general management or the top circle. This dashboard is aimed for viewing aggregated information about knowledges, competences, competence journeys and people’s aspirations.

User Dashboard

As user, I am in charge of my competence development, my learning and assignments. The system provides me with data that I can use to improve myself and to search for collaboration.

About Me

My personal information such as availability, role, location

Knowledge & Competence Abilities

The knowledge that I use, the knowledge that I have, but don’t use, and the knowledge that I would like to acquire. As a fourth dimension, also a summary of my special interests

Competence Development

My competence journey and a list of my competence development activities

Available Tasks and Roles

I actively review any open tasks and roles, to see if they fit my profile. I also receive requests that the system selects

Leader Dashboard

As a Leader, I can manage and provide competence to teams, projects or circles. The system allows me to perform data driven decision making to secure the right person at the right place

Scan for Talents

I scan for knowledge and skills and visualize the fit-gap analysis that the system creates

Define Tasks

Define a desired competence profile for a task or role, based on the nature of the task, context, and culture


The algorithms from the system give me data to connect the right people with the right job. I also take peoples aspirations into consideration

Define Context and Culture

The system provides the assessment, so I can define the organizational context and culture

Leader dashboard

Features for HR / Management / OD

I can follow up, predict, analyze and make strategic decisions regarding competence usage with the help of the system

Predict Engagement

I visualize and predict engagement, based on utilization of competence and competence journeys

Keeping Track of Current Competence

The system intelligence provides information about weakness and strength regarding competence, as well as a snapshot of the knowledge levels within the organization

Follow up on Investments

I can follow up on investments and impact related to competence development activities

HEP-Online is for

HEP-online is unique in that it has several user types and system roles. All the measurements, fits and predictions are made applying the same algoritms to these different perspectives.

Co-worker / Job seeker

Co-worker / Job seeker

Co-worker / Job seeker

Co-worker / Job seeker

Leader / Manager / Taskowner / Recruiter

HR / Management / OD

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